BIG aLICe BREWING is a licensed New York State farm brewery dedicated to crafting innovative, locally-sourced beer.  Proud to be located in Queens, New York City, we love our borough.  We believe that beer supports and builds community, and we want our beer to start conversations about what it means to be local and about the process of making great beer.  Come visit and explore the awesome potential of craft beer with us!




Our Community Supported Beer Membership program was created to provide craft beer lovers with innovative, style-bending pilot beers on a monthly basis.  We built the program to support local and New York State farmers, producers, and infrastructures that help us craft exciting beers. Thanks for being a part of this program that helped us open the taproom, expand the brewery, and work to continue brewing great beer.





BIG aLICe BREWING is proud to display the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Seal to celebrate the spirit of independent craft beer and help beer drinkers know which beers are brewed by small and independent craft brewers. We are proud to support the community we live in, put community above corporation, and people ahead of profit.